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I Love What I Do!!!!!!!!!

If you decide to buy a healthy Calico kitten, then you came to the right place. All of our Calico kittens are raised with love and attention in constant contact with people and children. They are perfectly socialized, brought up accustomed to using the tray and scratching.

All of our kittens are ready for the new home from 12-16 weeks. We have kittens with the best breed characteristics. They are located in Maryland USA. We raise the kittens among our family, so they are very sociable and will easily adapt to their new homes.

The main goal of our breeding activity is getting healthy Calico kittens, fully socialized and corresponding to the Calico Cats breed standard.

We do not keep animals in cages, aviaries or individual houses. We live in a house and our Calico and Bengal cats are full-right members of the family and have constant contact with people, kids and another pats, which is important for the socialization of Calico kittens. We have a relatively small cat cattery and we have the opportunity to pay enough attention to each of our pets! Our Studs and Queens are tested for the most dangerous viral cat diseases: Immunodeficiency Virus FIV and Leukemia Virus FELV. Accordingly, all our kittens are free from Immunodeficiency and Leukemia. All the producers of the cattery are tested for hereditary diseases. This allows us to make the right selection of couples and guarantee the absence of kittens having any congenital pathologies. You can find this and many others in the "About Calico" section. You must visit this section.

To buy a Calico kitten is possible only after 12 weeks age, fully vaccinated, spay/neutered, accustomed to the tray and scratch post.

New Born Calico kitten

The sale of Calico kittens is performed from the house of the breeder. We also ship by cargo or send by courier all over the world. The photos of Studs and Queens – our producers are presented on the site. As well as photo of "Calico kittens".

We are waiting for you in our Calico cats Cattery. We will be happy to advise you and answer all your questions. We will give recommendations for the care of a Calico kitten.

Your Calico kitten is already waiting for you! We have only purebred Calico from quality producers.

The calico is a medium-sized domestic cat renowned for its spunky, assertive personality. While it's a generally independent cat that doesn't require constant attention, the calico is also sweet, loving, and loyal. It will readily bond with a single owner but enjoy the company of an entire family, too.

The calico is not a breed and has no technically identifiable personality traits, but owners and enthusiasts often insist the calico pattern seems to impart a particular pep and sass in female felines that carry the colorful genes. These friendly, outgoing cats have a flair for independence but also enjoy socializing with their human families and other pets.

Since they are not breed-specific, this varies. As a general rule, calicoes range from 7 to 12 pounds.

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Submitting your interest via the Kitten Inquiry form is the first step to adopting one of our kittens/cats. If you are looking for more general information and/or want to know if one of our breeds is right for you. We really do enjoy chatting about our breeds, our cats and our cattery!

After submitting the Kitten Inquiry form you can expect an email from us pertaining to your inquiry.  Once we proceed past your initial inquiry and you've been approved as a potential adopter, the next step is a phone conversation for us to get to know you better, you get to know more about us and our cattery, during which we can build your “kitten/cat profile” based on what you are looking for.  If that particular kitten/cat is not currently available, you’ll then be placed on our waitlist.

Like many small catteries, we sometimes have a waitlist for a specific breed, sex and/or color, but if you are interested in adopting one of our kittens, please don’t let a “waitlist” deter you from filling out our Kitten Inquiry form. Our waitlists can be comprised of future adopters that are looking for something quite specific, which means from any litter there is potential for a kitten(s) to be available for adoption without having to be on our waitlist for an extended period of time.

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